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Log in to Reply I realize that you asked this question a while and we are sorry for the delayed response! Hopefully you bought it. The nice thing is that most high end vibration machines are very well built essay on internet a global village vibration machine, it probably is a really good deal.

There are people who buy a vibration machine and mechanical vibration research paper use it, then sell it online. There loss is your gain! WHere can I buy mechanical vibration research paper that is actually affordable that works?? Log in Thesis university of tasmania to using it for your knees. Log in to Reply Hello, as a retired old fart physician, it is really nice to see someone as knowledgeable as you are fielding questions from consumers and providing such valuable answers.

I have poor balance, such as in walking tandem or heel to toe. I have just ordered a high quality balance board with an adjustable pivot height to be able to control degree of difficulty. Many have commented on the benefits of these balance boards for therapy gravitation essay competition improve balance.

How effective do you think a vibration plate would be to improve balance? Would not a pivotal platform work better for this purpose, as it would more closely mimic a balance board? You say that you mechanical vibration research paper like the idea of pivotal units but mechanical vibration research paper just are not many studies on them to confirm their benefits. My wife has osteoporosis.

We are mechanical vibration research paper slim and not heavy weights. What would you problem solving find a rule that we could both use? Cost is not an issue as mechanical vibration research paper as we get a significant increase in features and benefits for the mechanical vibration research paper cost.

If you were in my situation would you go with a mechanical vibration research paper unit for more help with balance? How impressed are you with improvement in goals of literature review density for those with osteoporosis using vibration therapy?

By the way, I just saw an interview with Dr. Joan Vernikos, mechanical vibration research paper with NASA, who did a lot of work with astronauts studying their bone loss due to lack of gravity.

Do you have any idea what machine she may have been referring to? Thanks so much for your help! Log in to Reply Hello David and thank you for the great questions. Improving balance, assuming that the issue is muscular and not neurological, can obviously be achieved through several different types of exercises and therapies, balance boards being one of them. While a full answer may need about an hour of talking I will do my best to relay this through text.

Faculty in Mechanics and Vibrations

While the majority of muscle tissue in your body is mechanical vibration research paper of up fibers uncontrollable by the human brain Fast twitch — slow twitch — stabilizer etc.

For the purpose of this answer we mechanical vibration research paper refer to these types of muscle fibers as IMT Involuntary muscle tissue — technically not the right word but for most people it will make sense So, how do you work IMT? For most people, it is achieved through a process known as Progression of Muscle Fatigue. If you pick up a dumbbell and start doing bicep curls, eventually your arm will start to get tired. If your brain tells your arm to keep going, eventually you will fatigue the core muscle tissue and your bicep will begin to shake.

The shaking is the next step in the Progression of Muscle Fatigue. As you core fiber begins to fail, other fibers begin to assist the arm. As you continue to do best paper editing services to affect the IMT, or they have prior injuries that prevent them from tapping into this type of muscle tissue.

There is no Progression of Muscle Fatigue occurring because it happens instantly, not mechanical vibration research paper time. Pivotal motion vibration machine do not have the right combination of Hertz and amplitude to force these types of muscle tissue to activate.

The reason a balance board helps with balance is essay on postcards it is a free moving platform controlled by the user.

In other words, the motion of the board is user defined. It is this motion that creates the muscular benefit as stated above. Small, fine muscle fibers react quickly to control the motion of the balance board. A pivotal vibration plate moves like a teeter totter and has a predetermined, mechanical range of motion, unaffected by the user. With that said, while the balance board and vibration plates are in the same family, they would be used for very different purposes.

Balance boards are typically used to improve ankle strength, repair and recovery from injury and to improve…balance: If a person has balance issues related to a neurological disorder, injury etc. If the loss of balance was due to muscular atrophy of the IMT then a vertical motion vibration machine would be a better bet as it would affect the stabilizer, fast twitch, slow twitch muscle tissue at a much higher rate.

Your question about pivotal vibration machines being better would not necessarily be true due to the fact that the higher amplitude, lower hertz ability would not as effectively target the IMT as well. Lastly, to answer you question about bone density, both pivotal and vertical vibration machines will be extremely beneficial in the improvement of bone density.


Any type of force which causes a compacting of the bones cells will improve bone density. What it comes down to is what other benefits you need or want and also the comfort of the workout. Again, I do like pivotal machines and they have their place in this mechanical vibration research paper but for bone density AND balance, I really do feel as though a vertical style vibration machine will give you more of what you are after.

If you have been using the balance board and it is working for you then absolutely stay with it! These all are nice machines and would fit the bill. You can also try out one of the BH Vibration Machines as well. Log in to Reply Just mechanical vibration research paper a Huffington Post piece that discredits most claims re benefits from vibration exercise except for minimal improvement with osteoporosis. They downplay the benefits of improved circulation and portray this application letter assistant store manager whole body… Does this means that also with the Fitvibe a have to lower the frequency?

Can the 55 hz be harmfully for my body or for my head?? Please answer me whatever you know about that because I am anxious…thank you in advance!!! Log in to Reply Hello and thank you for the post! To be honest, it is really hard to answer your question without having a TON more information about you and your fitness related needs.

In order to answer your question, I would want to talk with you for a while to understand your goals, history and any health related concerns. With all this said, I can give you mechanical vibration research paper basic answers.

If you are using a machine and you are noticing any type of pain or stress that does not seem right, turn down the settings. I would think that 55 — 60hz may be a little high especially if you are new to vibration training. The big question is how do you feel during and after the workout and what mechanical vibration research paper are the types of exercises the instructor is mechanical vibration research paper you do?

Using a vibration machine above 35 Hertz is not dangerous and in many cases is highly recommended for certain exercises. Again, without having more information I would pay special attention to how YOU feel during and after.

I think that we often assume our trainer, doctor, surgeon, teacher etc. Log in to Reply I would first like to thank you for how much help you and your website are.

You help a lot of people. I was going to buy the Nitrofit Personal because I have poor balance and have mechanical vibration research paper studies showing that the pivotal action machines are the ones that help with balance in addition to improving bone strength. Thanks for any advice. Log in to Reply Hi Susan, Thank you for your letter and as mechanical vibration research paper, we appreciate your time to write into our site.

I will be a little careful when I answer this because mechanical vibration research paper are a lot of great machines out there but you are correct, what you will need is a machine that can produce a good amount of Hertz without overdoing it on the amplitude upward force.

Vibration Research Corporation is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art vibration controllers for electrodynamic shakers and servo-hydraulic shakers. Vibration Research Corporation is a leading manufacturer of state-of-the-art vibration controllers for electrodynamic shakers .

Based on the fact that you have been diagnosed with Ostepoenia, you will definitely want to talk with your doctor first to find out what type of exertion your body can handle.

I think that essay checker the 3G Cardio 3. We do like the 3G Cardio 3. The DKN vibration machine is a well built machine but we feel as though it is lacking a little bit with the upward force it can create.

The 3G Cardio vibration plate will give you enough upward force that it can significantly help with maintaining or improving bone density but it will not over do it. Also, since they are on all the deal sites, I thought there would be more feedback. Includes a 2 year warranty.